The Procreation of Shitty Internet

by Linkyo

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Andrew Dude I mean, boom boom fuck you is top of all music charts right now. Honestly the best piece of fiction ever made and no one can possibly deny it. Favorite track: boom boom fuck you.


In the light of having shit internet where I live and have lived since the start of all of my silly shenanigans, some fun shit comes from the sad truth of boredom. But honestly, these projects helps me view myself as a whole, using music as a medium. Happy, sad and/or otherwise, I hope you can find some enjoyment in the connection isolation I have with just me, this fucking DAW and hopefully some silly emotions as well.


released January 15, 2016

Cover Art by: Logan Johnson
Music written and produced by: Linkyo & //:kyo
Photography by: Logan Johnson
11/28/15 - 1/12/16




Linkyo Florida

Δ // LOG_2: I for sure won’t stay paralyzed with unfamiliarity, so I plan on channeling these poor feelings into leaps that I hope will brighten my life. I hope you all do this too.

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